Volunteer Roles

PWN Munich runs on the generous support of volunteers.  They dedicate time, skills and passion for helping professional women reaching their true leadership and management potential.

We are always on the lookout for committed volunteers. We are currently looking to expand our team with the following roles. If you are interested, we would love to hear from you.

 Volunteering for professional associations has many benefits:

  • Keeps you at the forefront of trends and best practices.
  • Allows you to utilize or build on a totally different set of skills that you may not have the opportunity to use in your everyday work environment.
  • Broadens your exposure beyond just your boundaries.
  • Provides great opportunities for networking and meeting other like-minded people.

If you are interested in volunteering, get in touch with us. We are grateful for every bit of help.

  • Storytellers


    Here at PWN Global we want to be able to tell more stories - so we're looking for the talented story tellers out there!

    We currently have 3500 members, and each one of you has an incredible story to tell. Your stories tell of resilience, generosity and achievement. We believe that by telling those stories, we can not only inspire one another, but also attract even more people to our precious network. 

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  • PWN Global Awards: Sponsorship Administration


    We are seeking a volunteer administrator to support the PWN Global Awards Sponsorship Team.

    The role will form the important liason between the Sponsorship Team and the Finance Administrator, to ensure that sponsors receive their contracts and invoices in a timely manner. The role will also be responsible for chasing any late payments so that revenue is collected prior to the Awards delivery in November 2020. 

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  • PWN Global: Graphic Designer


    PWN Global is seeking a budding graphic design specialist who is able to work with us on a pro bono basis to help grow our PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership Awards brand.

    Building on the success of our event in 2019, we are looking for a volunteer who is willing to develop and build on the materials created for our 2019 event (including website, sponsorship materials, event programme and social media graphics).

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  • PWN Global: Social Media Support


    PWN Global is seeking a team of volunteers to support social media activity. From administering requests via our channels, to curating content, sharing content and, in some cases (if you have the expert knowledge) writing articles. Currently, we require someone to lead our Facebook Channel and our Instagram page. Interested? 

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  • Entrepreneurship Committee Roles


    This is your opportunity to make the difference!!! Join the PWN Global Entrepreneurship Committee now! We are looking for people to join our virtual team. Do you have 4 hours a week available? Do you know how to get things done? Are you interested to support a non-profit with your skills and ready to learn and grow together? These are the roles we are currently recruiting for.

    • Digital Program Director: You provide hands-on support in getting things done, like organizing the facilitators, coaches, support the participants, mapping out processes, obtaining the necessary approvals, etc. You have knowledge of and/or interest in the latest technology solutions related to online learning. 
    • Marketing and Communications Director: You support the committee and all it's activity through marketing and communications, from strategy to implementation plan. You write relevant and compelling copy and liaise with our Head of Marketing. You have knowledge of and/or interest in social media, writing about women in business and creating awareness.
    • Graphic designer and/or video editor who can help our committee with some basic edits for communications, social media and print collateral A budding graphic design specialist who is able to work with us on a pro bono basis to help grow our Program (skills on Canva, Adobe Suite and Video Maker is a plus). A volunteer who is willing to develop and build on the materials created for our re launch (including website, sponsorship materials, event programme and social media graphics).
    • Programme Facilitators who can teach one the sessions in our virtual programme. You have excellent, proven facilitation skills. You know how to keep a group engaged for 2 hours in an online environment. You are passionate to support others in their learning. For details on the modules and further instructions please check: Learning Guide.
    • Group Coaches who can support the participants of the PWN Global Virtual Entrepreneurship Programme throughout their journey. You are an accredited personal development coach with strong affinity for entrepreneurship. You have experience in group coaching. For details on the programme and further instructions please check: Learning Guide.
    • Knowledge Management Director who can help this starting committee to creates and organize the knowledge and information required to be successful and sustainable going forward. You are organized and have a good understanding of what a knowledge management structure should look like. You have high English command are able to work with people with wide variety of styles and are able to write playbooks, checklists and so on.

    Getting involved is a great way for you to see that the PWN whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. If you would like to be involved then please reach out to PWN Global's VP Entrepreneurship, Patricia Zeegers

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